To Japan

I'll be leaving tommorow morning. Here I come u damn mt.fuji.


Fake Life Drawing

These ladies are from magazine/websites that I just sketched quickly. Feels like i can exaggerate more on the gestures.


A stereotypical knight with stereotypical posture. This one was quick too, maybe 10min. Ink sure does its thing quick. I only like the helmet.

Color play

Did a really quick one after work, maybe 5min. It's not a great image, but it was fun just dabbing color over places.


Ink ink

Heres a sketch of YUKI, a pretty famous singer in Japan. If you're bored, I suggest watching her music videos on youtube or sumthin. It's so weird and random, but I love em. Also her costumes are really cool to watch. Oh yea, she might look and sound like 18, but she's actually 35. crazy.....

quick and dirty photoshop

At the mall

So I was at the mall the other day and I saw this.
A mom looking at clothes while holding on to the leash, that was connected to her child.
Is this normal nowadays? And this "leash" was like a mini teddy bear back-pack thing, and it just looked like it was humping the crap out of that child. Also the child was pretty.............zophic.


Call of Duty

A quick sketch of "Call of Duty 4" i did with pencil, watercolor, sharpie, and white-out.
I shoulda gone darker....oh well, Great freakin' game by the way:)


Fairly recent

Doodling sketches.

GAD class

Well, heres some drawings I did for a GAD class. One em' is for horror-type game and the other for sci-fi type game. This is when I started coloring stuff on photoshop and noticed how much of a bitch it is to do it with a MOUSE. Gotta get a wacom....

Old Stuff (1-2 years ago)

Heres an drawing of Al Pacino I did way back in first quarter. Traced and inked.
A fairly large piece of Star Wars. Traced, inked, water color and guasch. Pretty stupid how I framed it and realized I should take a picture. enjoy glares and reflection of me.

A character we had to come up mixing with Robin Hood culture(old english),where I added Japanese into it, and made into a chick.

A random sketch I did. I like the idea

Another random sketch. I mean, grocery bags, giant scissors, and converse shoes......random.

A cute drunken bunny wearing an ACDC shirt.