Adding Clothes

These are life drawings from couple of weeks ago.
I added clothes and occupation for sum of these people.


Animation Projects

Hey, two posts in a row!
And a new banner!

Pitch animation:

Lip Sync animation:

Hamburger animation:


Fridge Chef in 3ds Max

Fridge chef concept for 3ds Max class.
We had to come up with a character in 3 weeks: modeled, textured, biped and walking.

3D image:


SIGGRAPH Creation Project

Since I took the SIGGRAPH trip as a class, I have to write some papers and do a little creation project: where I can do absolutely anything (as long as it's turned it by end of quarter).

So, I decided to give a little tribute to my peeps and create them using the avatar template I already had for this blog. Again, this whole style is inspired by the "Katamari" game series.

And just so you know, it has spacing around it for printing purposes.