Jeh-sucha-z #3

Today's life drawing started off bad for me, but as we got into the longer pose, somehow it got better. The gestures #2 post went the other way around.

By the way, I edited my blog so anyone can post comments.
If there are any anonymous ppl looking, feel free to say crap about my drawings.

Feels like I should add sum sorta designing element like Joe told me the other day. Just seems plain and boring to watch these doesn't it?


Jeh-sucha-z #2

Yay for life drawing. tis' very fun.
Still exploring methods and tools.
one little change and it will change everything.


1 min



Today's Theme: FEMALE

I'm suppose to be working on my ZBrush project, but I couldn't help it.
I wanted to draw sumthin.

This one I wanted to try sumthin different, since I usually tend to have really light & soft colors.

For this i just tried ways of coloring.
I used my fingers to paint and dropped a blob of color and blew on it.
This witch-like chick, i didn't even bother coloring cuz I didn't like it.

This one is just a photo-reference sketch.
A photo-reference sketch with color.
It be nice if i can find a model who would pose for me in a bikini....... :)
I honestly don't know about this one. lol
I was getting mentally tired of drawing, and i wasn't thinking straight.
But hey, they say women are getting stronger now.
Maybe thats what i wanted to say............?



Some gestures from the free life drawing sessions.
Can't get enough of these man!
I think I like inking out gestures more than pencils ......hmm

And it snowed tonight in Atlanta?
Snow? wtf is a snow?


Japan Drawings Part4

Heres my family crest. I finally got to know it after going to my grandpa's grave. It has sumthin to do with wisterias.

This is one my cousin, and the only cousin i got to see in my trip unfortunately.
This is my uncle, where he took me to buncha places and I really thank him for doing so much.

Japan Drawings Part3

From these and on, it's drawn AFTER coming back to Atlanta. I went through my memories and pictures of the trip and kept adding to my pad.

Heres a guy i saw at Akihabara/Electronic Town, aka Nerd Town. He had this ridiculous car with anime chicks all over it and was acting like "hell yeah I drive that shit, thats right mother f-er". And he had a huge gap between his teeth, which is sumthin that got my attention.


Japan Drawings Part2

Here are drawings from an aquarium I went with my uncle and grandma.

And heres a pic


Japan Drawings Part1

First day at the airport of Hartsfield, still had time to board so why not draw?

I saw this dude at Shinjuku, Tokyo where he wore this enormous jacket and skin tight jeans.
Also with those fishing hats worn deeply and his big nose was stickin out. It had character written all over it.

Just doodling drawings at my uncle's house. Don't really like it...

Again doodling at my uncle's house. Don't really like as well.


Back to America

So I'm back from Japan.
It was one hell of a trip and I'm totally glad that I went.
Sadly, I only got about 12pages of drawings.
But I got to learn something more important: My lack of determination and the ability to think about the future.
I could say that I couldn't draw because I didn't have time, but now I know thats bullshit.
I was getting lost in Tokyo, getting sick for 3 days, don't know about the train system in Japan, went to 2 funerals, but it dun't matter.
I still should of had plenty of time to draw.
My uncle and my dad teached me that during/after the trip.
I hope I'm one step closer to becoming a better human being.

I took bunch of pictures, but it's gonna take forever to upload em so heres a little glance.
Heres a picture where I went to a museum where they have copies of famous paintings in REAL SIZE. I got to see many many many more, and it was awesome.

This is the Lightning/Thunder Gate of Asakusa, one of famous tour spots.
It was definately sumthing.

Now, I'm actually going through my memory of the trip and drawing them to my sketch pad. Simply because I'm embarrased of my lack of determination. I will post them later on, as school starts.