Some gestures from the free life drawing sessions.
Can't get enough of these man!
I think I like inking out gestures more than pencils ......hmm

And it snowed tonight in Atlanta?
Snow? wtf is a snow?


Joe Karg said...

Great gestures man. I will be seeing you in there next week for sure. You should start coming down to the APache Cafe on Monday nights too if you can. It is always a really fun time.


Bryan Wynia said...

I have to agree these look really nice. Sadly I don't think the sculpting club is gonna work this quarter. I was trying to get it started but everyone is busy.Maybe next quarter. We will be doing a ton of digital sculpting though!

andrewQuintiliani said...

That reminds me, I gotta post some life drawings too. These are really great, i'm friggin jealous.