I'm Tagged...

I'm "IT" thanks to Chi. Well, here it goes...

The rules: I share 7 things about myself you don't already (possibly) know, and then I tag 7 others to do the same.

  1. The name "Yusuke Sato" is almost equivalent to the most typical name in America, "John Smith" in the country of Japan. #1 last name in Japan is Sato/Satou/Satoh (same name, diff American spelling) and #2 is Suzuki (like the bike). And Yusuke is sumwhat typical, so overall it's not a unique name to have...

  2. I was born in Japan, and after about 11months I moved to New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, and back to Atlanta again. Yet I still suck in Engrish.

  3. I started playing video games since I was wearing Pampers. Now it's part of my life lol. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty good on Tetris.

  4. The love of art/creating runs in our family I suppose. My mom draws/paints/sculpts/shadowbox, and both my brothers draws well. My grandparents are good in creating tools and little things that needs details. My uncle draws/paints/makes stuff too. Only one who isn't in the circle is my dad, haha.

  5. I went through up's and downs on my weight. After repeating several patterns of fat-man and not-so-fat man, my peak was at high school weighing about 200lbs. And now I'm somewhere around 140. Ya-y. & I hope I'll never go back to that state.....

  6. I think I'm a patient guy. I don't mind waiting for things for a long time, although there are limits. And I don't like self-centered people. The world isn't just yours, so think about the others plz...

  7. I recently met an unique girl who I fell in love with. It's been 6months in relationship, and I respect her both as an artist and as a person, and jus simply fun to be around with! She also "tagged" me so I can write this list about myself lol. Love ya Chi :)

Pic from Googling keyword "funny japanese".

So now I tag:

No tag backs!


Happy Gobble x2

Tribute to Gears of War 2! Great game.
And Happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry with the poor quality, it's from digital camera. My scanner can't scan colored stuff.


Concepts and Such

Here are my real first attempt to draw only on Photoshop.
It's so hard to get used to!

These are from a team project we are currently working on, where Andrew Quintiliani is our awesome modeller. Go check his models out! God Statue

Assets 2

Backgrounds and such.


Space Girl

Developments for my Space Girl.


Life D-ing

Heres this week's life drawings.
These all from the very last page (the cardboard part) of my newsprint pad.




TWO posts!

I completely forgot about my gorilla chef character i did couple of months ago. Well, here he is--


It's been awhile, I know.
But don't worry, stuff are coming on the way!

I've been sick and heres the only good drawing i got from life drawing session. With an extra touch....


I'm Alive, Just Letting You Know

So, this is from Japan Fest 08', where they do every year at the Gwinett Convention Center (recently changed). They'll show things like Kendo, Shinkendo, Aikidou, Kyudo, many different types of dances, and ofcourse Japanese foods.

And one of the booth, Sake Story happend to be there, where I freelanced in the past.
I was surprised and happy to see my work being used :)
And I found this ORANGE-SHAPED ERASER at the fest, where I had to buy it. Got an egg-sushi eraser for someone :)

And these are glimpse from the art show where Chris and Chi attended.
Great show guys! I'll be attending the next one..... Who's here?
Can you read this?
Get the powerball, Pacman
Grafitti Pacman
Ittsssaaa hiiimm!


Adding Clothes

These are life drawings from couple of weeks ago.
I added clothes and occupation for sum of these people.


Animation Projects

Hey, two posts in a row!
And a new banner!

Pitch animation:

Lip Sync animation:

Hamburger animation:


Fridge Chef in 3ds Max

Fridge chef concept for 3ds Max class.
We had to come up with a character in 3 weeks: modeled, textured, biped and walking.

3D image:


SIGGRAPH Creation Project

Since I took the SIGGRAPH trip as a class, I have to write some papers and do a little creation project: where I can do absolutely anything (as long as it's turned it by end of quarter).

So, I decided to give a little tribute to my peeps and create them using the avatar template I already had for this blog. Again, this whole style is inspired by the "Katamari" game series.

And just so you know, it has spacing around it for printing purposes.


3ds Max Boat

I couldn't manage to do it in splines, so I executed all in Nurbs.
It kinda sucked how I had 2 days to work on it due to missing a week from SIGGRAPH.


Zoo of Atl

Zoo drawings for the 4th time :)


Lotsa Life

After flipping through the book, "Force: Character Design from Life Drawing" by Michael D. Mattesi, I tried some different things for my life drawings this week.
I still need to look deeply into this awesome book.

But hey, I got about 50+ pages of life drawings and I was totally burned out within the 3 hours.

15 secs
15 secs
5 min
Brush-pen approach
Can't remember if the bottom two images were 5 or 10 mins.



Here I am, back from SIGGRAPH 08'.
It was a fun and tiring trip as I learned a lot of the "real world".
I'm really glad I went to the trip, and I may go for next year as well :)

Sketches from the trip

Softimage booth
ILM booth
I wish i was playing a racing game like that
Hand controlled 3D - literally
Sculptures from Digimax booth
Showing features from the new Mudbox
Stairway to heaven.
I've never seen stairs in bathrooms.
Highlight of Venice Beach

Here's Vincent, me, Chi, Andrew, and Heather in the limo (hell yea, the limo).
You guys made the trip 50 times more fun for me.
Thanks guys!
And for everybody else, check out their blogs on my link :)