The Usual

Usual wednesday life drawings.

This bottom image of the first thumbnail came out pretty interesting.
though that doesn't mean it's a great drawing....



Heres some sketches i did over at the zoo.

These gorillas i drew (bottom pic) were enhanced by Elio.
Top left is done by Joe.


ZBrush: One Magical Tool

Finally, I managed to finish the 3D work for my class.
ZBrush is just incredible, period, and look how low poly it is in Maya.
Freakin' great tool!


Green Giant Gesture

Good ol' wednesday life drawings.

This one un-intensionally came out sexual and dirty.
of course, I added sum stuff to it after I noticed that.

I liked this pose.
so i gave him a club.
And a quick photoshop of it.


Back of The Explosive Beard

Usual gestures.
It seems like im getting into a habit of just looking and drawing, instead of analyzing and drawing.


I Hate Being A Shoe

Sometimes I'll get some pretty random images.

I didn't have anything in mind to draw:
1) so i drew a circle
2) drew "S" kinda shape
3) "hey, it kinda looks like a head"
4) drew in a chin
5) "hey, this whole shape looks like a shoe/heels"
6) made it into a not-so-happy-heel-man......



Red & Blue

I healed from the cold/flu, but still suffering from muckus.
This is last week's life drawing where i was still sick as hell.
And colored it this week.


Memory Drawing

Now, I don't wanna offend any overweight people out there, but........I think theres a limit.
I was driving back from school, and I see this ginormous lady on my rear-view mirror.

It just struck me enough to draw her after i got home.



Since Aaron and Andrew posted theirs....why the hell not.
I don't like how the whole thing looks, but the detailing went alright in the hands.

And one thing i hated is when u map the texture back in maya, it lost all my tiny little details. :(