More Life

Here it is. More life drawings from this week.



Life Dr

Been really busy, and will be till end of the quarter.
These are life drawings from today, where we did a ton of 15secs and even 5sec drawings.
It was fun, and really burned me out.

15 seconds

5 seconds
10 minutes
For these i didn't feel like doing one drawing for 10mins so i drew the same pose couple of times from different angles.


Zoo Atlanta

Hey, two posts today.

It's my 3rd time going to the zoo just to draw the animals there,
and i think its the best ones i've got :)

Last Weeks Life

The title says it all.


Suck Thy Soul

Here is my concept of a 'Soul Gun', where it sucks souls of people and use it as ammo.
You can rev up the engine so it starts sucking sould like a vacuum, and release it with the trigger.
And ofcourse, a 3D version.


Life Life Life

The usual life drawing session i go to.

30 secs
1 min
10 min
memory drawing (model poses for min and draw out from memory)