Life Dr

Been really busy, and will be till end of the quarter.
These are life drawings from today, where we did a ton of 15secs and even 5sec drawings.
It was fun, and really burned me out.

15 seconds

5 seconds
10 minutes
For these i didn't feel like doing one drawing for 10mins so i drew the same pose couple of times from different angles.


wimPcheeSe said...

oooo so much movement! i love these, i really do! the 10 sec ones are my favs of your gestures.

and i agree.
about the big sunglasses.
not the chicks.

N.Castell said...

I did the same exercise the other day. I liked it, its fun and you learn how to make the essential lines of the anatomy structure.

EL GRANDE said...

Better and better Yusuke! Those five second images are sick. I wish I could have made it down there Wed. Things have just been so crazy lately. Have a great long weekend.


andrewQuintiliani said...

My favorite is the Jolly skipping pose. These are pretty awesome, keep it up!!!!

Marco Roblin said...

YUSUKE! This is the best exercise so far...the 5 sec ones are great!
You got the gestures all the way...
Keep the good work Yusuke!

Jason Barnes said...

SICK!!! these are awesome and so are the ones in the post above it! holy craps. really nice gesture and forms!

keep it ill