Anti-Bacteria Man

Another BIG POST today

Things are still yet to calm down for me even though I'm done with this quarter. And here is another character that i had gone through for a different class.

He is a bacteria-phobic man, who always have himself equipped with a UV-type of light device to detect the bacterias, and a cleansing spray to kill them. I will try to finish up the weapons this break.


ZBrush screenshots:
I like how the pants and the gloves came out.
Thanks for the tip on ZBrush Bryan :)


Old Spaceman in Concept


This is a class project where the instructor gave us a general concept for a character, and we had every other freedom. The character had to be a 86 years old spaceman/woman who collects relics that helps him/her rejuvenate their age.

Here are my concepts:

So I was thinking he's in space without oxygen, so he has to be wearing a suit all the time.
The back of the suit has a main jet thruster that can angle itself to a degree, and the three tubes hanging down is an adjuster jets. It can do minor adjustments as he fly around, and it's connected to a disc that can spin around to hover. His tool would be like a mop that can self morph into his needs: grabbing things and attacking things.

I used ink and marker with alcochol wash on this one.
It's really hard to control the alcohol in the way you want.

Old Spaceman in 3D

And here he is in 3D.

The left one is high-poly and the right one is low-poly.

Poly count on the low-poly: 2852 faces/ 5704 tris
Software used: Maya, Zbrush

Maya renders:
I should fix up the colors and materials. It looks really funky right now.

ZBrush screenshots: