Old Spaceman in 3D

And here he is in 3D.

The left one is high-poly and the right one is low-poly.

Poly count on the low-poly: 2852 faces/ 5704 tris
Software used: Maya, Zbrush

Maya renders:
I should fix up the colors and materials. It looks really funky right now.

ZBrush screenshots:


Jason Barnes said...

we've never met before, but i'm pretty sure i've seen you around school. i think you've sat in on Paul's class once, in fact you were sitting next to me working on this very character the other day. how informal, but nice to meet you? haha

Anonymous said...

Hi. I think that the yellow helmet needs to be on the same level of detail as the rest of the model. It doesn't have the feel of age or worn on it. The rest of the model is great and well executed.