Maya --> 3ds Max = Headache

The hassle of going from Maya to Max was quite a headache for me.
But heres my little soviet vehicle with no textures (except the stand).


Broken Life Drawing

This week's life drawing.
Don't mind the bat, he's just there for fun.

It's similar enough...


Well, Hello Beautiful

A quick tribute to a great film: The Dark Knight


50th Post!

I started blogging from December 2007,
and this will be my 50th post!

I've posted more or less 150 images within that time, so congrats to myself lol. And I'm ready to get back to school.


Tribute to EL GRANDE

Been awhile since I posted.

So I decided to post a drawing for EL GRANDE, my future favorite comic. This is the "Raisin" vehicle from the comics, and I just love the design. Made a tiny little change, and I'm driving it.
Can't wait for it to hit the shelves Elio & Joe!

OJ Maker?