3ds Max Boat

I couldn't manage to do it in splines, so I executed all in Nurbs.
It kinda sucked how I had 2 days to work on it due to missing a week from SIGGRAPH.


Zoo of Atl

Zoo drawings for the 4th time :)


Lotsa Life

After flipping through the book, "Force: Character Design from Life Drawing" by Michael D. Mattesi, I tried some different things for my life drawings this week.
I still need to look deeply into this awesome book.

But hey, I got about 50+ pages of life drawings and I was totally burned out within the 3 hours.

15 secs
15 secs
5 min
Brush-pen approach
Can't remember if the bottom two images were 5 or 10 mins.



Here I am, back from SIGGRAPH 08'.
It was a fun and tiring trip as I learned a lot of the "real world".
I'm really glad I went to the trip, and I may go for next year as well :)

Sketches from the trip

Softimage booth
ILM booth
I wish i was playing a racing game like that
Hand controlled 3D - literally
Sculptures from Digimax booth
Showing features from the new Mudbox
Stairway to heaven.
I've never seen stairs in bathrooms.
Highlight of Venice Beach

Here's Vincent, me, Chi, Andrew, and Heather in the limo (hell yea, the limo).
You guys made the trip 50 times more fun for me.
Thanks guys!
And for everybody else, check out their blogs on my link :)


Business Card

My final version of the card (for now).
I received the hard copies today, and loving how it came out.


New Avatar

Heres my new avatar for the blog!
Inspired by one of my favorite games, Katamari series.
Try not to say it's cute.
I think it's pretty awesome :)