Life D-ing

Heres this week's life drawings.
These all from the very last page (the cardboard part) of my newsprint pad.




TWO posts!

I completely forgot about my gorilla chef character i did couple of months ago. Well, here he is--


It's been awhile, I know.
But don't worry, stuff are coming on the way!

I've been sick and heres the only good drawing i got from life drawing session. With an extra touch....


I'm Alive, Just Letting You Know

So, this is from Japan Fest 08', where they do every year at the Gwinett Convention Center (recently changed). They'll show things like Kendo, Shinkendo, Aikidou, Kyudo, many different types of dances, and ofcourse Japanese foods.

And one of the booth, Sake Story happend to be there, where I freelanced in the past.
I was surprised and happy to see my work being used :)
And I found this ORANGE-SHAPED ERASER at the fest, where I had to buy it. Got an egg-sushi eraser for someone :)

And these are glimpse from the art show where Chris and Chi attended.
Great show guys! I'll be attending the next one..... Who's here?
Can you read this?
Get the powerball, Pacman
Grafitti Pacman
Ittsssaaa hiiimm!