Fairburn: Male

Two posts today.

Here are some drawings from the fairburn book.
Right now i'm studying caricature with the same book, so i'll post those later as well.

Life Drawing?

After we did the usual 30 sec, 60 sec life drawing, our instructor decided to do an imaginitive life drawing. He would give us descriptions on how the model is posed in certain ways, and everything else was up to our imagination juice. It was challenging but fun.

So, on the first image, the description he gave us was something like:
=legs are spread
=body bent forward
=one hand touching the floor
and this is what i got. really funky proportions and what not, but he looks kinda interesting.

This one had description like:
=one leg/feet sitting on top of something
=body is twisted
=both hands touching one side of the hip
and this is what i got. Again, funky with proportions, but meh....


Rodin Studies

Joe, Andrew, and I have been doing some general studies on Rodin sculptures. Gesture, musculature, proportion, putting on clothes, etc.

I think i'm at the point where i just need to draw like crazy and let loose of everything in my head as much as possible, as Joe mentioned.
Not just these studies but throughout all my drawings.

And I do have one 3D work that i will post as soon as its looking better than what it looks now, along with sum drawings.


Joe Karg Caricature

So I went to the caricature contest where only 6 people challenged.
It was like a tournament style, and i was knocked out before the final.
But i was still drawing Joe, who was at the final and this is what i got.
I think it was the best one out of all the caricature i did that day.



I forgot to post the usual life drawings.
I mostly used that thick soft lead jus so i can get more gestures rather than shapes.

And a quick photoshop of one of the drawing.



Drawing from Fairburn books.


Back From The Grave

It's been awhile since last post, but i'm back.

We're gonna be modelling our own characters for a class.
sounds sweet.
but dammit, i don't have any fully developed character that i would want to model....
So, why the hell not just make one now.
i went ahead and just flushed down ideas and references on sketch pad of sci-fi type of character.

And i apologize in advance to Joe and Elio, some of them may look like El Grande characters.
Well, maybe not, but i'm jus gonna say i must of been unconsciously influenced by the awesomeness :)

Still hunting for interesting shapes.