I forgot to post the usual life drawings.
I mostly used that thick soft lead jus so i can get more gestures rather than shapes.

And a quick photoshop of one of the drawing.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Really nice gestures! As for the photoshopped one, try a harder edge and some darker shadows; an easy fix.

Mirella said...

Good!! I like the final version^^

Joe Karg said...

Great work today from you and Andrew. I was really surprised to see you show up so early. That's definitely the right attitude. It is no easy task breaking down some of art's greatest walls. It takes a lot of time and dedication. I can see that you're in it to win it though.

Thanks for listening to all the silly things I have to say. I really hope it helps in the long run.


Marco Roblin said...

Great gestures and such a nice line!
Great work Yusuke!