Life Drawing?

After we did the usual 30 sec, 60 sec life drawing, our instructor decided to do an imaginitive life drawing. He would give us descriptions on how the model is posed in certain ways, and everything else was up to our imagination juice. It was challenging but fun.

So, on the first image, the description he gave us was something like:
=legs are spread
=body bent forward
=one hand touching the floor
and this is what i got. really funky proportions and what not, but he looks kinda interesting.

This one had description like:
=one leg/feet sitting on top of something
=body is twisted
=both hands touching one side of the hip
and this is what i got. Again, funky with proportions, but meh....

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Jason Barnes said...

excellent rhythm and flow throughout these figures. very nice sense of weight in the second image. the curving lines of the legs are great! they truly add support to these dynamic characters.

keep pushin'