Fridge Chef in 3ds Max

Fridge chef concept for 3ds Max class.
We had to come up with a character in 3 weeks: modeled, textured, biped and walking.

3D image:


andrewQuintiliani said...

Seriously nice job on this! I think you should lose the pants though, some stalkings would be waaay better. Also, she kinda looks more like a pastry chef. But, just an option, looks awesome yousucke!

Heather Berry said...

Your character = yummy cake! But hey cake is awesome and this is a very unique character. My only problem is the same one Andrew has. The pants look like they just had the mesh thrown onto the texture...I'm not sure but I think you were going for the plaid look. Not really working. Just loose them and she will be so much cuter :)