Jeh-sucha-z #3

Today's life drawing started off bad for me, but as we got into the longer pose, somehow it got better. The gestures #2 post went the other way around.

By the way, I edited my blog so anyone can post comments.
If there are any anonymous ppl looking, feel free to say crap about my drawings.

Feels like I should add sum sorta designing element like Joe told me the other day. Just seems plain and boring to watch these doesn't it?


andrewQuintiliani said...

Gotta love the explosive beard/moustache combo!

Joe Karg said...

You said it Andrew. These are cool images brother. Watch your proportions though in the future. I used to have the worst time with mine.


Aaron Ault said...
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Aaron Ault said...

I agree with Joe, but I love your sense of line. The curves in your second drawing are particularly interesting and pleasing.