Japan Drawings Part4

Heres my family crest. I finally got to know it after going to my grandpa's grave. It has sumthin to do with wisterias.

This is one my cousin, and the only cousin i got to see in my trip unfortunately.
This is my uncle, where he took me to buncha places and I really thank him for doing so much.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Man, i wish i had a crest... It would have, like, lions and eagles and a flying v guitar. And also lasers.

Joe Karg said...

Sweet Watercolors my man. Where have you been this quarter? I haven't seen you yet. Elio and I have class Mon 8-2 and Wed 8-12. Stop by some time with Andrew if you can climb out of bed that is:)


Bryan Wynia said...

Nice stuff man, can't wait to see more and what you do with z-brush.