Back to America

So I'm back from Japan.
It was one hell of a trip and I'm totally glad that I went.
Sadly, I only got about 12pages of drawings.
But I got to learn something more important: My lack of determination and the ability to think about the future.
I could say that I couldn't draw because I didn't have time, but now I know thats bullshit.
I was getting lost in Tokyo, getting sick for 3 days, don't know about the train system in Japan, went to 2 funerals, but it dun't matter.
I still should of had plenty of time to draw.
My uncle and my dad teached me that during/after the trip.
I hope I'm one step closer to becoming a better human being.

I took bunch of pictures, but it's gonna take forever to upload em so heres a little glance.
Heres a picture where I went to a museum where they have copies of famous paintings in REAL SIZE. I got to see many many many more, and it was awesome.

This is the Lightning/Thunder Gate of Asakusa, one of famous tour spots.
It was definately sumthing.

Now, I'm actually going through my memory of the trip and drawing them to my sketch pad. Simply because I'm embarrased of my lack of determination. I will post them later on, as school starts.


andrewQuintiliani said...

I feel terrible you didn't get what you wanted out of your trip, but at least you got to be exposed to some really inspirational art and culture. That's gotta be worth something right? Either way, Welcome back!

Yusuke Sato said...

oh yeah definately.
It's just that I was mentally weak.
Not that I'm stronger now, but I really learned sumthin from it.

It sux how much money I spent, so I prob can't get a wii and smash bros now............ :(
o well.

Joe Karg said...

Amazing Amazing Yusuke! I can't wait to see your drawings. You are absolutely right about not having the time. We artists have time all the time, you just have to always be prepared. Carry your sketchbook everywhere and always have a drawing tool.

See you at school,