Omg, New Post

Yes, a new post.
I've been busy, believe me. & some laziness to scan things.......I admit that.
These are characters for our prototyping class, & we'll see how that project goes.

color 1
color 2
color 1
color 2


wimPcheeSe said...

i love these designs and colors. great job, they're really different and unique and fun to look at. i really like the technique of the color too. i like the yellow bear and red monkey most.

Jason Barnes said...

saw the model for the monki. your designs translate so well to 3d.

post more biatch!
how bout that nitro circus bump haha

Unlimited 99 said...

OH-OMIGOSH! those are awesome! I love you monkay! Ilove you patchwork bear! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!